SophieSew Version 2 – my Blog

Ok … As this is my first blog entry I might as well start with a brief introduction about me and what I want to achieve .. so here goes. My name is John Coldwell ( aka Carlos Mandell ) and I’ve been developing embroidery design software in the guise of SophieSew for possibly ten years now. In this time I’ve learned a great deal about programming and programming languages as well as hopefully picking up some basic embroidey skills along the way. So why am I developing SophieSew. Well put simply, I enjoy programming and I love creating embroidery. Combining the two together has culminated in SophieSew Version 1 and the almost ready for beta release of SophieSew Version 2.

Who Is SophieSew aimed at ?

Anyone that likes to design their own machine embroidery for home or commercial use.

Will this software cost lots of money ?

No… I will initially launch SophieSew in a series of beta’s culminating in a lite version that will remain free to use. At some point in the future I hope to release a Pro version which you can purchase for a modest amount.

What will be in the first release.

OK this is a difficult question. Definitely outlines and running stitches. Probably zigzag, tatami and satin column stitches and possibly short stitching ( required for the sharp cornering when digitizing text lettering ).

When will this be ?

Cannot give an exact date. But It will be soon. I have a YouTube channel under the name John Coldwell that has my current Version 2 tutorials to date. I have a few more to add and I’m debugging the software as I go. View these and you’l see the software is at an advanced stage.

Ok so to recap then … With this blog then I hope to document the continuing up’s and down’s of the odessy that is SophieSew. Please feel free to use the comments section to ask any questions. I will envevour to answer as many as I can.